Management Team

Álvaro Fernández de Araoz

Álvaro Fernández de Araoz

  • Founder of Correcta.
  • Strategy strategy, y digital economy.
  • Business studies and master’s degree in management informatics.
  • Lead auditor ISO 27001,22301 and GDPR.
  • Experience in Fintech, OSINT, Insurtech, Legaltech and ehealth.
Ricardo Barrasa

Ricardo Barrasa

CIO - Compliance & Risk
  • Former President of ISACA.
  • Computer Engineer + MBA.
  • Strategy expert y leadership at cybersecurity to the business.
  • Advice on technology in order to increase sales and/or reduce costs.
Pascual Moya

Pascual Moya

  • Science of Economics.
  • Master in Financial Management.
  • Market analysis technician.
  • 20 years of experience in administration and finance HUB responsibilities.
Maite Quirós

Maite Quirós

R&D Director
  • Senior technician in web application development.
  • Member of PETEC (Professional Association of New Technologies Experts).
  • BSC (HONS) (Cyber Security Management), OSWP (Offensive Security Wireless Professional) and CSFPC (Cyber Security Foundation Professional Certificate).
  • Technological forensic for the diffusion of the responsible use of NTICs in educational centers.
Sara Montoto Louzao

Sara Montoto Louzao

Marketing & Business Development
  • Marketing, Advertising and Sales Management.
  • Brand Image Management and Community Manager.
  • Graphic designer (UI)
  • Digital Public Relations.
Sara Ocaña Trigo

Sara Ocaña Trigo

Lead Marketing
  • Design, creation and management of events.
  • International School of Protocol.
  • Dublin Business School
  • University of Nebrija.