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Social Listening

Have you ever wondered what are people saying about you, what is your brand’s perception or if their interests and buying habits have changed?

All these questions are solved with Social Listening tools. Because knowledge is power.

94% of CEOs believe that information about their consumers’ preferences and needs is very valuable.”

84% of the CEOs consider the analysis of their competitors to be critical.”

We will track millions of documents in real time from the Internet and social networks so you can see: what people think and feel about your company, what kind of impact do the products have, who are your competitors! All this integrated in one single tool that can give you a fifteen month historical.

We will configure our tools working closely with your team, so that you can make the best decisions, optimize your marketing strategies and boost your bottom line.

Integrate methods that make you grow. The data is clear:


billion active users in social networks.

0 %

of users consult others opinions on networks before purchasing a product or service.

0 %

of the companies have a digital presence.

1 h.

a day on average interacting in networks.




We will provide periodic reports from different Internet platforms and social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, newspapers, blogs, forums, etc.) so you can have a detailed analysis of what is being said about your organization and the market you compete in.


Knowing the conversations about your brand, product or service, we can find out what strategies or campaigns can work better for you. We will also take into account your competitors so you can optimize your promotion decisions.


If there are negative comments or problems around your business or products, we will be aware and can act immediately to alleviate and respond efficiently to the situation.


Build a good brand image, anticipate possible controversies and generate a solid reputation among your followers. You will have control over who is damaging or enhancing your brand.


We will detect deception and observe how information about both the organization and individuals is exposed. We will investigate in the Deep and Dark Web.

Social Listening Solutions

Media Analysis

Control what users say in networks and news about the market, about your company and your competitors. Analyze the impact on your brand, services and products. Have a continuous follow-up on the focus of interest and take advantage of the information to improve your strategies and business opportunities. Identify critical moments and get to know better the needs of your customers.

Audience Analysis

Obtain valuable information (demographics, interests, behaviors, …) from the different groups of people who talk about your brand and your competitors on social networks. Identify the content they consume the most, buying habits and popular agents that inspire them. Get to know your audience to know what to offer and what works for them. Give your best!

Influencers Analysis

Easily find Influencers from your affinity area or sector on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest or Blog. Analyze their trajectory to choose the one that best suits your company or product and launch more successful campaigns. Later, you will be able to quantify the results of the influencer’s actions thanks to the data you will get from the reports.

What people think matters. Discover it with an omnipresent tool that will make you omnipotent.

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