Social Listening: what is it and what does it do?

If you have not yet heard of Social Listening, this article will try to put you in the picture about this tool that will end up being essential in any type of firm.

You will know that, for a long time now, brands and companies have gone from being abstract entities to organisms with a soul. By this we mean that, nowadays, it is essential for them to build an image with a good reputation, known and close to their public.

To do this, you must avoid offering bad service or getting into some kind of scandal or problem that leads people to reject the company. Instead, focus on meeting the customer’s needs.

Nowadays, with social networks, any action is of vital importance. Whether the situation is positive or negative, it will spread like wildfire (especially the latter). Therefore, you have to be very attentive to opportunities and signals. This is where social listening comes into play. social listening or “Social Listening” comes into play. .

What is social listening?

The concept is much broader than it seems. Open source listening is the continuous analysis and monitoring of social media channels as well as forums, blogs and news.

Through a specialized and real-time search of keywords, topics, brands, industries and/or even competitors, we can know everything that is being said and generate a realistic context of the situation. You can also exclude terms that do not contribute to or fit your search objectives, as well as segment by territory, language or level of sentiment (positive, negative or neutral).

In addition, there are other factors such as categories, patterns of topics related to your research that are being highlighted in people’s conversations. All this level of analysis and knowledge is unified in a single platform. Thus, the prism through which you observe is much more structured and cohesive.

But this not only involves monitoring what is being said, but once we have the information we are interested in, we have to act. How do I apply it to my advantage?

What are the benefits of Social Listening?

The most important thing is the value of the information obtained from users, the market and the competition. The exciting thing is to be able to answer questions that are important to the business. This will lead you to generate new marketing, communication and sales strategies, as you can generate a more special bond with consumers. generate a more special bond with consumers, anticipate anticipate scenarios and respond efficiently to the demands of each sector. In addition to the fact that:

  • It helps you interact and improve customer service.
  • You monitor your competitors so you can imitate them if something works or avoid what does not.
  • You can discover new trends and market niches.
  • You have an absolute follow-up on the opinion of a product or service.
  • You manage the reputation of your organization.
  • You solve crisis environments.

It is vital for a company to know what its context is in the environment in which it operates, what kind of conversation it is generating around it and how it can continue to improve the customer experience.

In the end, such a tool is also part of digitalization, in a world where the presence of most brands is virtual.


Would you like to put it into practice? You are in the right place.

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