Sales Automation

Have you ever lost a customer due to lack of follow-up?, overlooked a problem in a sales process?, been unable to locate a file or wasted time to find it?

Thanks to CRM and marketing automation software, you will be able to automate and better manage sales tasks. You will have a unique and reliable follow-up of all sales initiatives of the company. This will grant you the ability to measure results in real time and improve your control in order to make better and more informed decisions.

Support the sales cycle by using technological process

In SMEs, customers are “much more cherished” than in large companies. We need to avoid having a salesperson leave the organization and lose all historical contact points and communications.

43% of businesses still do not use digital tools in the development of customer relations, even though (no matter the size of the firm) it will substantially optimize sales and marketing activities.




We will assist you in transforming your commercial processes adapted to the needs of your business. We will facilitate the inclusion of relevant people’s opinions and help with change management issues.

“Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify efficiency. Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

– Bill Gates.


We will analyze and digitize general processes like: customer databases, campaigns and email marketing content to optimize the sale of your product or service.

Commercial structure optimization

Based on the profiles and business goals.

  • Marketing: lead generation, lead qualification.
  • Sales: farming (medium term), hunting (short term), promotions.
Control panel Review

To avoid redundant information transfer and time spent on report generation.

  • Centralize sales documentation.
  • Produce Sales funnel.
  • Revenue forecasting.
  • Sales quota achievement.

We work closely with your salespeople to improve their professional skills by making the company prosper.

Company strategy, products, customers, processes, and tools.

Field training :
Sales and negotiation techniques and skills.


In sales and marketing management, we will help you select the best platform for your business. We will take into account the needs of your employees, the technical functionalities and required integrations of your company and the cost per employee/month that the organization can absorb.

Do you really know what kind of tool you need?

Not every tool is the same, it will mostly depend on how does your company and employees work, and on what type of data you want to integrate from other departments.

Give your customers the attention they deserve. There is nothing more rewarding than a company involved.