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Robotization or RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is one of the main concepts that supports the digital transformation of companies.

By automating your company’s processes, we will reduce simple and repetitive tasks that people perform in different areas of your organization. We will assist your human resources in having more time to analyze and leaving low valued added tasks to software driven robots.

With the help of these robots, you will analyze, connect, and generate information very fast, without pauses or errors. We will establish a proper process workflow between employees and departments, improving their effciency.

Data import and export
Email processing
Cut, paste and format files
Transfer and process files
Generate reports and dashboards
Data extraction from open source (OSINT)
Enter data in apps
Conversation analysis

Many companies have not implemented this technology yet because they fear it will need to be integrated with existing legacy systems. The truth is that RPA robots run on top of applications ,therefore they are very easy to implement.

If you have not started yet the robotization journey, you should take into account the following facts:


times less profit than those firms who are automated.

0 %

less efficient.

0 %

less clients served.

1 %

more errors.




To improve a process, we will analyze all the tasks involved and look for efficiencies. We will manage the technical, procedural and people aspects of the project.


Automation software enables us to import and export data from different platforms, process files, generate reports and interact with websites.


All procedures in the digital transformation will be supervised by a shared balance scorecard that all relevant personnel will have access to. Results are measured constantly and teams will be coordinated to facilitate learning in the new scenario.


We try to avoid miscommunication between departments by storing all project information in one single place. Data on project evolution and throughput is continuously updated, which improve security and control.


With this technology we are able to understand and analyze texts automatically (as a person does), with a unique combination of precision, speed and flexibility of use, based on a deep morphological, grammatical, logical and semantical analysis (the word in its context).

The time to change is now. Don't wait any longer, you can count on us to walk the journey by your side.

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