How Social Listening improves the Customer Experience

What do we mean by “customer experience”?

How important is customer experience to a company? To measure the success of a campaign, product or brand, different factors are usually taken into account. But one of the most important is the customer experience (CX). It is so important that it can generate an unbreakable bond between user and company.

We speak of customer experience when we refer to the feeling of consumers with respect to a brand or service, as “the memory that is generated in the consumer’s mind as a result of their relationship with the brand”.

All the actions of the marketing department seek to improve the feeling that is generated, and social networks are the ideal resource to measure it, since it is where they are given the largest number of conversations and opinions from users about us: are you happy with the quality of the product, are you satisfied with the service provided, have you been helped to solve the problem?

A good customer experience is essential for the growth of any business: it helps retain customers, encourages brand promotion and makes you more competitive. In fact, some data reflect the following:

  • 75% of people would return to companies that have provided excellent service.
  • 56% would recommend these companies to family and friends.
  • 33% will spend more on brands that provide excellent customer service.

Why Social Listening is good for CX

Many times, when a customer stops buying your products, it’s not because of the price or delivery time, but because they don’t feel valued.

It is also important to highlight the attention provided to the user through the networks. A study by American Express found that when one person has a bad customer service experience, they share that impression with about 17 other people. Instead, when the bad customer service experience is on a social network, share that negative experience with 53 people!

That’s why, to get the most out of the consumer experience, social listener technology comes into play. Social Listening technology comes into play. . By applying social listening in your brand strategy you can:

  • To increase business revenue.
  • Reduce customer service costs.
  • Attracts and retains consumers.
  • Manage and control the reputation generated.
  • Understand buyers’ needs.
  • Discover and take advantage of trends.

In addition, it can help you identify the following issues:

  • What problems do customers have (allows to improve offers and affected areas).
  • What are the questions asked by customers (allows you to identify inconsistencies and create content that clarifies doubts).
  • What solutions do customers need to obtain (allows the creation of new approaches and services).
  • Where customers are in the buying process (in order to be able to apply different strategies from the commercial department).
  • What other brands are doing wrong (to avoid applying their same strategies and even offering what others are demanding).
  • What other brands are doing well (to imitate strategies or actions that work and improve positioning).
  • What customers think of your brand (so we will know what we should change or enhance).

How to use social listening to improve customer experience

Now that you know all the benefits that social listening brings to the customer experience, let’s look at how you want to approach your strategy. What do you want to monitor?

  1. The names of your brand, product and service.
  2. Names of competitors’ brands, products and services.
  3. Industry keywords and buzzwords.
  4. Branded hashtags.
  5. Monitor only the content generated in social networks.
  6. Influencers who work (or you would like them to work) for your company.

Today, not all companies are working hard enough to improve the customer experience. It is estimated that 70% of user complaints in networks are still pending response.

The solution to this problem begins with the application of Social Listening, being the best opportunity for a business to know exactly what customers think of it and if the brand lives up to what they expect from it.


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