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From the outset, we knew that “digitalization” was not just a current buzzword in the business world. The digital era has opened up a range of possibilities for all types and sizes of business.

That is why, from the beginning, Correcta has been committed to represent new technologies in order to support any company that aims to achieve greater efficiency in processes and a substantial improvement in the experience offered by its services.


Under the premise of contributing to the evolution and growth of the market, we decided to bring together a team of multidisciplinary team with a long track record in the IT world (who has worked on various projects in different industries) to implement the technology that best suits the needs of each business.

In addition, we are aware that digital transformation is a process not only of implementing tools, but also of learning, commitment and culture.

For this reason, we advise, accompany and train our clients in their change process, so that the transformation of areas, processes, services and teams is a success.

As technology consultants, we have focused our services in 4 areas, supported, in turn, by a systems integration plan:


There is no digitalization without cybersecurity . Protecting your assets is one of the most important pillars of transformation.


  • Security Audit – Information Security Test and Ethical Hacking.
  • Safety certifications.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Forensic expert.
  • Security hardware and software.
  • Preventive security monitoring (SOC-24×7).


The automation as the best weapon to achieve good process efficiency and productivity. Unify areas and monetize data from areas such as marketing and sales.


  • Understanding and analysis of commercial maturity.
  • Realignment of processes.
  • Review of the scorecard.
  • Analysis of different suppliers (functional and economic evaluation).
  • Implementation and training of tools.


The social listening to have a good and consistent brand strategy: understand the consumer, improve your market offer and stay ahead of your competitors.


  • Listening and monitoring of social media data.
  • Information analysis of social networks.
  • Brand and product strategies.
  • Crisis management.
  • Reputation analysis.
  • Investigation of fraud on companies and individuals (Deep and Dark Web).


The robotization (or RPA), is the best option to reduce time and increase value in each operation.


  • Data preparation.
  • Data entry and extraction.
  • Controls and submission of documents.
  • Transfer of information between systems.
  • Use of semantic intelligence (automatic text comprehension and analysis).


To provide full coverage in business transformation, our service as a company focuses on consulting and, if required, offers support. In this way, the change is complete and uniform, achieving:

  • Improvements in the optimization of the professionals’ work and tasks.
  • Increase IT security and prevent threats or loss of information.
  • Increase your company’s productivity.
  • Cost reduction.
IT ConsultingSystems (Software and Hardware)
Digital evolution.Implementation and integration.
Change management.Support and maintenance.
Custom software design.NOC (Preventive Infrastructure Monitoring).
Software search and implementation.New projects.
Training.Integration with existing systems.

It is undeniable to state that, in the times in which we find ourselves, digitization and transformation are an indispensable requirement for companies, regardless of their size.

Whatever your objective (adapting to market changes, increasing turnover, improving customer experience, protecting your assets, attracting and retaining talent, increasing productivity, etc.) the application of digitization tools is probably the answer.

“Change before you have to.”

Jack Welch


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